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Our newest venture of textile waste management aims at reducing textile waste at the consumer end while efficiently utilizing the entire life-cycle of a garment. The experts at Greentech Infra Pvt. Ltd. have designed this venture in a way that not only caters to reducing textile waste, but at the same time, aims at capacity building and reducing income inequality.

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zero waste

Our Company has taken a step further in making even the most joyous of the days, special to all of us, greener and cleaner. With zero waste as our prime goal and circular economy fundamentals driving our strategies, we have devised a sustainable solution to manage waste and produce energy and resources at various social venues in Jaipur.

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Ecological Water Treatment Solutions

Greentech Infra Pvt. Ltd. has signed a MoU with Josab India Private Limited to demonstrate a unique technology with the Government and Private Sector in the region of Rajasthan to gain water treatment market share.

We are hopeful to strike an agreement on the basis of MOU in the near future for sale and service in Rajasthan for Josab Products.

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Greentech Infra Private Limited , a venture of CDC Group is pleased to announce that  we have signed a MOU with Everbright Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment (Changzhou) Limited for Waste – To – Energy Plants in India.This MOU empowers the group to participate in large integrated projects delivering first-class quality and of the highest standards, maximizing its economic and social benefits to contribute to the protection of Country’s environment.

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Sustainable Consulting & Capacity Building

Greentech Infra Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in customized waste management solutions. Our team of expert waste managers understands that every waste management solution differs with community, culture, and circumstances. We incorporate the 3Cs to provide effective and cost efficient solutions to sustainable ventures and circular economy initiatives. 

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Asset Management

We are able to help our clients build the strategic blueprints that enable them to connect and operate pivotal aspects of their business more efficiently and economically. Our objective is to provide scientifically and technically designed machinery and equipment required in the solid waste management industry to even the nascent players of industry at affordable lease packages so that on one hand the timely execution of promising business opportunities boosts the business temperament in the industry and on the other hand it develops such high standard of hygienic processes in the industry.

FOV Bio digester

Greentech Infra Private Limited has signed a MOU with FOV  Biogas India Pvt. Ltd. for installation of  Biogas plants and related research in India using technology developed by FOV. The most cost-effective biogas systems in the market. We create customized biogas solutions to waste and energy problems. Our advanced-fabrics reactors offer reliable biogas production for more than a decade, with payback times often shorter than two years and scale-up as quickly as in a day.

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Sewage Treatment Plants

This venture assists its clients to build cost-effective and efficient solutions to treat sewage discharge in places like hospitals, manufacturing industries, hospitality industries and other commercial or non-commercial establishments. Our waste experts design STPs which range from 25 KLD to 1 MLD, specific to the clients’ requirements, and operational in accordance to the guidelines laid by the regulatory authorities.

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Solar Powered Products

Our Company is a distributor for solar products like solar pumps, lanterns, garden lights, street lights, and water-heating devices in the state of Rajasthan. We have collaborated with different manufacturers to make these products affordable and available to general public. This venture has maximum application in the state of Rajasthan where the solar energy is abundant, and electricity is scarce.

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Greentech Infra Pvt. Ltd. Offers customized waste management solutions for our clients and the general public. Our ventures boast the compliance with most of the sustainable development goals set by the major organizations, and government officials post Rio +20. We have extensive solutions for waste management, and environment protection; with products ranging from Sewage Treatment Plants to Solar Energy, and provision of clean drinking water to villages. We are investing in profitable sustainable technologies, local area manufacturing concepts, and environment friendly products; with a green corporate philosophy for the global world.

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